About Shyamzaveri

Shyamzaveri have been in the jewellery business for four generations.The patriarch, earned a flawless reputation for his fine eye for diamonds. For decades our customers have treasured what have come to be known as Shyamzaveri Diamonds. Shyamzaveri is today managed by an experienced team.

ShyamZaveri Group - Promise of more


To bring alive Shyamzaveri's 'promise of more', the brand's corporate identity is defined by three golden circles. Suggesting infinity, fluidity, and a willingness to encompass change. The intensifying hues of gold symbolize warmth, which is the hallmark of Shyamzaveri.

Most hospitality groups provide their clients with impeccable service, luxurious comfort, delicious cuisine, and a host of amenities to make your stay perfect. Shyamzaveri goes beyond, by providing a variety of little touches that can't be billed, advertised, or featured on a menu.

The more Shyamzaveri aims to please, the more our clients expect from us. This in turn provides us the impetus to strive and raise the business, through thoughtful little gestures that make our clients feel truly welcome.

That's what we've come to call - the promise of more.